Samstag, 28. März 2009

Now it's time that you guys sink.


It's been ages since I used ink... which is why the lines are shaky and unclean. I need to practise, really! (Anyone else think that "shaky" as a word looks incredibly weird?! As if something's missing...)

But it's fun and smells nice. (Ink has this particular smell that makes me recall the time when I got ink for Christmas the very first time.
Back then I used to begin many manga just to drop them soon afterwards. I remember drawing one about some guy with weird eyes who wore a bandana over his eyes so he wouldn't freak out anybody...)

Gosh darn. Good times! He, he, he...

John Spottiswoode, btw.
The last name was my sister's idea. He can count himself lucky that it wasn't "Ducksworth". (Those names really exist. I didn't make that up! Honestly.)

He is the nerdy machinist and as far as I remember pretty useless in a fight, be it fist or gun. But he's great at fixing things.

And some woman. Still inking-practise.
Tralalala, indeed.

And Nehalennia again.
I really like inking... it's much more fun and you have this nice smell. It's a win/win-situation!

Another one. This time with a sorry excuse for a background.
I still dislike these broad lines... I need to work on that. I am more of a thin-lines-arts-person so this makes me sad.
Oh well. Time for some sleep.

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