Donnerstag, 17. Juni 2010


(He yells: "Wait! That wasn't a challenge!" but my scanner thinks he's smart and scans whatever he wants. iRoll~)

Thing is this: while battling the Warrior-dude (for the second? time) it was a pretty... dramatic battle. You have to trap him in a cage because he is too big to defeat by old-fashioned hit-him-with-all-you've-got. So I was kind of overwhelmed at first because I just couldn't land a single blow and Elika kept saying she was too far away yadda yadda.
Then when we had finally pushed him with his back to the cage, he lunged forward AGAIN, circling me so that I was standing with my back to the cage.
Then I pushed the X-button and The Prince slid underneath the Warrior and through his legs, then whirled around and pushed him in the cage, with Elika's help of course.

That was so cool I wanted to draw it in comic-battle-form. So here it is, the first five pages of something that got far too big in light of just being... for fun and practice.

Also, the dialogue is my own. There wasn't any in the battle and I wanted to add some of the snark the game has. Not sure if that worked, though. XD Not sure if you can read my writing, too. I am kinda tired because mosquitos keep stealing my blood and sleep. >_>

But I love writing snark.

This comic has been brought to you by Lack of Backgrounds.

Montag, 14. Juni 2010

I was bored.

Things you can spot:
Two Prince of Persia-fanart-abominations
One Nate
Several original characters

I felt like drawing some cast members of that one story of mine. It felt odd to draw them again after such a long time... but also good. Need to get that story sorted. Gnah.


Playing Prince of Persia (2008) right now. So there might be some fanarts in the near future. I love the acrobatics. Now I am too tired to think of anything else so... good night, everyone!