Dienstag, 31. März 2009


John, after he got shot in the arm. (Am still debating with myself whether the wound'll get infected or not.)

Somehow every character has weird bird-tail-feather-like hair. In German: Bürzelhaare. (Thus German wins again because it has such an awesome word.)

*shrugs* After all, this is one of my stories. No wonder there be bird-feather-hair.

Currently working on the story, in fact. It's going to have some nice plot twists unless everyone's smarter than me and figures it out before the characters do. In which case my storytelling'd suck. But we'll see.


Montag, 30. März 2009


More inking-practise.

Samstag, 28. März 2009

Now it's time that you guys sink.


It's been ages since I used ink... which is why the lines are shaky and unclean. I need to practise, really! (Anyone else think that "shaky" as a word looks incredibly weird?! As if something's missing...)

But it's fun and smells nice. (Ink has this particular smell that makes me recall the time when I got ink for Christmas the very first time.
Back then I used to begin many manga just to drop them soon afterwards. I remember drawing one about some guy with weird eyes who wore a bandana over his eyes so he wouldn't freak out anybody...)

Gosh darn. Good times! He, he, he...

John Spottiswoode, btw.
The last name was my sister's idea. He can count himself lucky that it wasn't "Ducksworth". (Those names really exist. I didn't make that up! Honestly.)

He is the nerdy machinist and as far as I remember pretty useless in a fight, be it fist or gun. But he's great at fixing things.

And some woman. Still inking-practise.
Tralalala, indeed.

And Nehalennia again.
I really like inking... it's much more fun and you have this nice smell. It's a win/win-situation!

Another one. This time with a sorry excuse for a background.
I still dislike these broad lines... I need to work on that. I am more of a thin-lines-arts-person so this makes me sad.
Oh well. Time for some sleep.

Mittwoch, 25. März 2009

Sketch and Review

Nehalennia, remake. Though the clothes are still not the final design.

And because it's so damn damn funny and true, have the latest review of Zero Punctuation. About RE 5. *_*


Samstag, 21. März 2009

I forgot to water my plants!

Now my plants are all dead... I so suck at this. xD

I am rather influenced by suspense-vgs right now... Silent Hill and that stuff. I really wished I had played that game back when it was released. Or made my brother play it so that I could watch... Oh well.

No idea. He's injured, probably badly. xD
I wanted to draw this pose. Am not too happy with it. |:

Mirrors have always interested me. You can use them as portals in your fantasy novels. Isn't that awesome?
And: is he looking out or looking in?

She's pissed off at something.
And there are shells on the floor.
I don't know who that is, though.

Wanted to draw Tsata from The Braided Path and now he looks like Vossler. Which isn't a bad thing.

Aw, Vossl. T_T

Me poor plants!

Mittwoch, 11. März 2009

Dun Dun Dun

What the hey.

It's that fantasy-adventure of mine. I haven't forgotten about them, really. It's just been stored away in some abyss of my excuse for a brain.

And now there are undead corpse-peeps. You can see Uncharted's influence. *shoots at self*

Captain Erikssen is about to get eaten unless he gets to that door in time...
It's going to get inked and coloured with aquarell. Don't ask me why I started drawing this in the first place. Actually, I just wanted to doodle a bit and then I started drawing Erikssen. (I like him, he's an asshole.)

See ya~

Montag, 9. März 2009

Uncharted - Because I'm in Love

Been just a question of time. At least, it does... look like Nate now. D: Lots of futile attempts of drawing him, I can tellsya.

I love the game so much... Gee, the graphics are so pretty and the water and the landscapes! And Nate! D:

Am about to storm the church. And then there'll be lots of shooting. And creatures. Gosh, I am still so proud of myself that I didn't chicken out on these monsters and beat the generator-room-passage. That was fun, eeep... D:

So. Back to doodling. It's so much fun to draw these backgrounds... ;_; Such a pretty game.
I'll be looking forward to the sequel, hell yeah!

And Elena. Because she helps me with clearing off bad guys.

Currently on the boat, the Showdown, so to speak. And I keep dying.
No surprise there... D:

But... I wanna know how it ends!!! I'll probably stay up all night just to beat this game. I don't care how long it'll take! I just need to be careful and not that reckless. Hömm.

Freitag, 6. März 2009



Tried some new ink-tech. I kinda like it...


Aaaand Malice-Fanart.


And another single page. Just wanted to play around with shadowing and such. Why she was killed or who's hiding behind the curtains I do not know.
But the ring... will give the killer away, eventually.

Donnerstag, 5. März 2009

Just before I run off, have a sketch.

Been trying to draw Nate from "Uncharted"... erm, emphasis on "trying", please... that hair... I need to get that hair right.

My back is hurting like hell. Which isn't surprising as me and a bunch of other nice weirdos have been rehersing our next puppet-theatre-play. The premiere (not really a premiere... that play is already rather olde.) is tonight, 20:00, so make sure you arrive early. We normally let people inside at 19:45, unless it's raining.

If you just happen to be in Munich on Thursdays, you know where you should go!!!

Kleines Spiel (http:www.kleinesspiel.de) Neureutherstraße, Ecke Arcisstraße U2 Josephsplatz or Tram 27 Schellingstraße.

It's funny! And you don't have to pay!! (A small donation is very much loved, though.)

Okay. I have to run.

See ya!!