Montag, 24. August 2009


EDIT: Something I had always wanted to create.
I mean, honestly. I grew up with Darkwing Duck and Donald and Scrooge McDuck. No wonder I'm so fixated on ducks. Not to mention Count Duckula! D:
Back from the gamescom.
Had the idea for that shirt when I spotted one guy wearing a shirt saying "Offizieller Nintendo DSi-Tester". I thought it was a stupid thing to print on a shirt. You're not always testing an NDSi, are you? One day you're done testing it and the shirt is useless.

The globe is ripped and therefore not part of the final product- just to give you an idea...

That's all. Actually.

Donnerstag, 13. August 2009

You keep what you find!

Jones and Macintosh... Jesus, I already love those guys. o_o
Nav will be completely mad. But he's a good navigator so that's okay. (He doesn't tell his real name. Everyone just calls him "Nav".)

I don't know yet what the plot will be. But given that the world will be rather complex I'll spend a lot of time on just showing how their community works, what they do for a living and who their enemies are. If you can call "toxic air" an enemy, that is...

Apparently, I already came up with a way to injure Jones. Not that I'm sadistic. But I have this highly dramatic scenario in my head... and he catches a bullet and falls down into some ventilation shaft.
I should mention that the whole world is very very much destroyed and the air poison so... they live in huge machines, restlessly moving about the earth, looking for something. Anything.

Is it sad and depressing? Nope, actually it's going to be a lot of fun.

Montag, 10. August 2009

It's the Spaniards, Sully! THEY NEVER LEFT!! asldjflsdfhb

You know how it is. You are supposed to do something but end up drawing instead.
This time it's Medley and Cap from a story that is still in development. Actually, it's been created, like, a few hours ago. It's steam punk and post-apocalyptic but fun! My sis had some good ideas for that one. Might as well use'em.

The title has nothing to do with... warum eigentlich auf Englisch...?!


Nix passiert grad. Keine Ahnung, worauf ich eigentlich warte... jedenfalls ist mal wieder tote Hose im interwebs. Vielleicht sollte ich mal versuchen a) schlafen zu gehen oder b) das Nilpferd bei zu heilen.

Derra und Adrian, Figuren aus der im Moment noch genannten "Seelensaga". Der Titel wird noch ent-kitschifiziert. Versprochen.

Er hatte mal einen kleinen Antiquitätenladen. Ist von Hause aus ein Geschichts-Geek und sammelt gerne glitzernde Sachen. Ich sagte "hatte", weil der Laden am Ende des ersten Kapitels in die Luft gesprengt wurde. Armer Tropf!
Wird er jemals Entschädigung dafür erhalten? Wer weiß.

Komisch: niemand arbeitet in der Geschichte bisher. Vielleicht sollte ich das ändern... :| Immerhin schlafen die gerne in Unterkünften, und die kosten ja schon e bissel was.

Mann, genug jetzt.
Ich --> Bett