Dienstag, 25. Mai 2010

Make it stop!

Marek. Shirtless. Because I felt like it.
Larena - creepy.Shocking!
More shocking!
Aaaaaaaaaand carpet ride~
More dudes.

Just tell me if I am annoying you with these daily posts.

Montag, 24. Mai 2010

O dear!

Main character dude.
This one is not really that nicely coloured but I wanted to put them into a tent with a samovar and lots of cushions. (Apart from that: anatomy failure, I know. But that was right at the bottom of the paper and there wasn't any space for Marek's feet or torso so he's kind of squished... :I I apologize.)

This is SO much fun!

I already have a nice little plot twist - which is typical for me. Hardly any story to go with but already some horrible plot twist worked out.
And flying carpets! Yeah baby.

Sonntag, 23. Mai 2010

Desert as far as the Eye can see

And something else. This one's older. I put some salt on the wet surfaces and it makes these nice patterns. :3
The female lead character. She also wears more clothes but I felt like drawing your average Arabian clothes. I had fun.

Introduction: I saw Prince of Persia and liked the way the film looked. The script was meh and the characters were... let's not go there. But the setting was awesome! So I thought about these kind of settings and dug up some old characters and ideas.

Then I wanted to paint with water colours and then I was not sure where that would go so I started to mess around a bit. Added some coloured inks to the clothes -> hands are green, red and purple now.

And the LittleBigPlanet OST is awesome background for drawing, cleaning up and writing.

It'll have djinns, sand and scimitars! 8D

Donnerstag, 13. Mai 2010


Isaac - ihm wirds schon wieder besser gehen. Keine Sorge... >_>
God, it's been ages since I drew these fellows...
And then I got distracted and drew sock-puppets.
Where is his arm?!!! Well, I tried...

Nate and Tony.
Iron Man will be inked later. Need some coffee first. (That's contraproductive as my hands will shake... oh whatever.)

Frohen Feiertag!

Sonntag, 9. Mai 2010


Eleven, holding his lightsaber-stick. Errr... it's a torch.
Amy Pond, the Doctor's companion. She's holding a mirror - nod to a scene of the latest episode.
And the finished version.
I cannot claim that I am terribly good at CG but the fact that I used different layers is, like, wow. XD And yes, the feet are hidden behind a layer of black. I wanted to redo his foot but then I was too lazy. :I

Hey, it's five o'clock! Tea time!! :D

Dienstag, 4. Mai 2010

Who cares...

God, I'm in a bad mood today.