Montag, 24. Mai 2010

O dear!

Main character dude.
This one is not really that nicely coloured but I wanted to put them into a tent with a samovar and lots of cushions. (Apart from that: anatomy failure, I know. But that was right at the bottom of the paper and there wasn't any space for Marek's feet or torso so he's kind of squished... :I I apologize.)

This is SO much fun!

I already have a nice little plot twist - which is typical for me. Hardly any story to go with but already some horrible plot twist worked out.
And flying carpets! Yeah baby.


  1. boah die letzten skizzen sind ganz geil! total dynamisch.

  2. :) Danke schön!
    Ich hab dabei so dynamische Musik gehört - das hat inspiriert. XD