Montag, 27. Juli 2009

I bollocksed up!

Was supposed to look good.
Though you wouldn't know it. =_= Am not too happy with this. It started as a decent sketch which made me want to colour it. But somehow I ended up ruining the picture. It's not the way I pictured at all! There was supposed to be water reflections on the walls and him. Attempting that made the paper rough and smugded.

Then I tried to save it with photoshop. But really now... a good example of how to completely bollocks up a picture!

Need coffee. =_=

Freitag, 24. Juli 2009

Good old aquarell.
Not much to add to this. Just felt like colouring something.

And a funneh dialogue with my sister on icq:

Kaeli: Direkt am S-Bahnhof in Unterhaching entstand für Familie Basch eine trendige Kaffeebar. Besucher entspannen gerne in dem schönen kleinen Gastgarten bei einer Tasse vorzüglichem I.O. Espresso.

Maliris-San: D:
Maliris-San: *mental image von den Ronsenbergs wie sie ein Café betreiben*
Kaeli: *__*
Maliris-San: *_*
Kaeli: omg
Maliris-San: "Hier Trinkgeld!" - "Nein, das war mein Bruder. Ich hab Sie nicht bedient." - "WHUT!"
Kaeli: XDD
Maliris-San: "Hör auf, die Kundschaft zu verarschen!"
Kaeli: xD

Da würd ich mir auch einen Espresso genehmigen. °µ°

Samstag, 18. Juli 2009

Dum di dum

This is a scene from a story of mine. Farely far into the story and a major spoiler. No one knows the characters so no one will care that much but I had this scene in my head for over eight years now and have always wanted to draw this. But never did because I couldn't get the anatomy right. There's a time for everything, apparently. :)

He says "Hilf mir!" but the rest is in English... Honestly, I didn't notice that I had switched to English. But then again: It was late.
Really now. I drew this and four more pages at around 2 in the morning. I couldn't stop.

Not sure about the panelling... if you have any pieces of advice share them! :D

Will be inked and screen-toned later. Also: there will be a proper background. :o

EDIT: The second last page will be redone when I can find the time. D:

Samstag, 11. Juli 2009


EDIT: Uncharted fanart- because I felt like it.
Not too happy with that Drake-thing. He's difficult to draw. Must be the hair... |:<

The books about Mayan culture do help a lot to come up with a weird little archaeology story set in Yucatan. Still a lot to work on but it's getting somewhere.

The first story I had to do research for and I love it! \o/

... but I guess I still need to read the Popol Wuj.Of course, just ignore the background. It's not like the Mayas ever had that kind of architecture. ;) Just felt like drawing that stuff.

Still, watching documentaries on Aztecs culture on youtube makes my brains hurt: the comments are all so stupid! Example: "Whut! They sacrificed their own people to their gods!? Good thing the Spaniards killed them all!! Those bloodthirsty bastards!!!1111"
Seriously, do us a favour and remove yourself from the gene pool!

Sonntag, 5. Juli 2009


Too much SGA. No specific scene; it's just one of those catch phrases of SGA. "Can you fix it?"
It's Rodney... though you couldn't tell for it looks nothing like him.
Erm, pseudo-John. Pier-scene in The Shrine. Doesn't look like him... oh fuck it.
The Shrine.
My favourite scene. T_T
Rodney is gradually forgetting who he is and will ultimately die if a cure cannot be found.
After a nightmare he so scared that John takes him out to drink some beer on the pier and this is where Rodney wants to say goodbye while he still remembers who he is but John refuses to say goodbye just yet.
And Rodney says: "You're a good friend, Arthur."after which both crack up laughing.

I so much loooove that scene. (And don't mind the horrible anatomy. It's wrong.)

Samstag, 4. Juli 2009

Not much to say

Too much Cube and Nothing. Both films are great, though.
I feel so listless right now... no one really wants to talk so I am bored out of my skull.