Sonntag, 28. Juni 2009

Hei ei ei

Sollte ich jemals meine Azteken-Schatzjagd-Geschichte zeichnen, dann wird sie darin vorkommen.

Keine Ahnung, wie sie heißt. Jedenfalls ist sie nett und cool.
Habe mir zwei Bücher in der Stabi bestellt über Inka, Azteken und Mayas. Freu mich schon drauf~ :D

Freitag, 26. Juni 2009

Insert witty title here!

It's fanart-time.

Retribution Falls to be precise.
Jez. And Crake. I loved'em both very much and right from the beginning.

Hm... other than that: Uncharted-movie planned. Not Fillion please. Thanks

Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2009

Different kind of art

(The hardcover has this neat dustjacket and silver letters on the spine. <3 )

Retribution Falls - out now in the UK! (But I ordered it at the English bookshop and it arrived yesterday.)

What´s it about:
Frey is the captain of the Ketty Jay, leader of a small and highly dysfunctional band of layabouts. An inveterate womaniser and rogue, he and his gang make a living on the wrong side of the law, avoiding the heavily armed flying frigates of the Coalition Navy. With their trio of ragged fighter craft, they run contraband, rob airships and generally make a nuisance of themselves.
So a hot tip on a cargo freighter loaded with valuables seems like a great prospect for an easy heist and a fast buck. Until the heist goes wrong, and the freighter explodes. Suddenly Frey isn't just a nuisance anymore - he's public enemy number one, with the Coalition Navy on his tail and contractors hired to take him down.
But Frey knows something they don't. That freighter was rigged to blow, and Frey has been framed to take the fall. If he wants to prove it, he's going to have to catch the real culprit. He must face liars and lovers, dogfights and gunfights, Dukes and daemons.
It's going to take all his criminal talents to prove he's not the criminal they think he is ...

It is a lot of fun! There are really heartwarming moments and breathtaking airship battles and... I just love it. ._. The characters are really great and carry the story well.

You can read the first chapter on if you are curious. :)

Good night everyone~!

Montag, 22. Juni 2009

Omg, what is this?

Another attempt at pc-colouration. I kinda like it... o_o"

Morning everyone.

I drew this one last night when I couldn't be arsed to do anything else.
It's Nehalennia in comic-style. I dunno where that came from but lately I enjoy using a more stylized style but don't fret, I still love me some more realistic design.

And now that I've got a new graphic card, photoshop works again! Doesn't chage the fact that I cannot colour with a computer. But I like to try!

Maybe I'll use this style for the whole comic...? Would be kind of funny to have one exclusive style for one single comic.
Bummer, my tea cup is empty.

See you around!

Sonntag, 21. Juni 2009

Back From Black


After a long time of no pc and internet, I hath returned!

And it's Guybrush Threepwood! Monkey Island, aw, how I miss you! But soon we'll have a brand new MI-game, by telltale games who are awesome and deserve all the love and cake in the world!

So, I'm happy. Yeah! :)