Mittwoch, 25. August 2010

"Aber Manny, die verwenden doch kein Holz!"

"Sie reißen dir die Knochen aus
und bauen einen Thron daraus.
Ihr Höllenfürst sitzt dann bei Festen,
auf deinen kläglich Überresten.
Dieser Schlüssel öffnet das Tor
zur Hölle, Reisender, sieh dich vor!"

Mir war mal wieder danach. Ich mag den Kerl.
Ich hätt' gern einen Comic...

Dienstag, 24. August 2010


On my long way home I passed my time filling my sketchbook with a lot of pointless doodles. And as usual, a story started to form in my head. It always starts with the characters for me. I already have some ideas for these two but apart from that nada. 8D *is hopeless*

Anyway, enjoy.

Will be redone. That thing won't ever be able to fly in RL but this is ~*~fantasy~*~ so it'll be fine. Will add more exhaust pipes...

It's a mix of steampunk, dieselpunk, fantasy and Kandinsky-styled aircraft. (Many paintings of Kandinsky remind me of aircraft and spacecraft. I guess, I'm the only one, though. XD Whether they'd ever fly is beyond me.)