Dienstag, 24. August 2010


On my long way home I passed my time filling my sketchbook with a lot of pointless doodles. And as usual, a story started to form in my head. It always starts with the characters for me. I already have some ideas for these two but apart from that nada. 8D *is hopeless*

Anyway, enjoy.

Will be redone. That thing won't ever be able to fly in RL but this is ~*~fantasy~*~ so it'll be fine. Will add more exhaust pipes...

It's a mix of steampunk, dieselpunk, fantasy and Kandinsky-styled aircraft. (Many paintings of Kandinsky remind me of aircraft and spacecraft. I guess, I'm the only one, though. XD Whether they'd ever fly is beyond me.)

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  1. deine Themenstudien gefallen mir, deine leichte Hand sie zu zeichnen, ihre Lebendigkeit.

    danke fürs reinschauen lassen