Samstag, 31. Januar 2009

Dream Sequence

That was a really short dream I had two days ago.
It was a treasure hunt and the gang were together in a huge cave, finding an artifact which was important for finding the real treasure. You know the deal. (Even my dreams are textbook.)
Yah, so. Shockingly Ethan turned on his friends and ran off with the artifact, locking the others in this giant cave...
Yepp, they were rather pissed off by that.
(Fun facts: Apparently, I am still suffering from Lost-aftershocks. That the baddy is called "Ethan" is a clear sign. Oh, Ethan...)

Don't mind the utterly revolting perspectives. =_=

Supposed to be Rodney... chubby men = difficult! @_@

Poison got to you, one way or another.


As I am a bit background-bored lately, have this picture with only a hint of background. Just so that she's not floating in midair.
It's Poison from that novel Chris wrote a while back. I never drew anyone else save for Peppercorn and Poison. Should try some Aelthar (which almost sounds like Elsar. And that reminds me of that cook in Futurama.)...

Yes. On a more girly note: I love my hair lately. It's smooth and shiny. Yay! Must be the shampoo. Dove is cool, heh.

(Today, Psych-episode!)

Freitag, 30. Januar 2009

~I'll find a way to be with my lover upon Christmas Day~

(The Stowaway - Dr Who OST if you wonder about the title.)

Right! Next!!

It's supposed to be John from SGA. When I learnt that they were going to cancle it I had the idea to draw a picture featuring everyone of the cast. But you know me and you know I just can't draw chubby men so. MEH.
It doesn't look like John. ;o;

John again. Supposedly, again. He looks too young and well, not at all like Joe does.

Teyla. Maybe. >_>

Some girl. With a stick. Gods, ain't I innovative? v_v

I made myself some tea. It's reviving and stuff. And HOT! It's so cold outside. ;_; If it would snow I wouldn't mind to much. XD

Enough of this! Have a lovely evening, ladies and gentlemen! :)

Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2009


It's time for some sketches!

It's fanart for Lucasarts' adventure game "The Dig".
I am currently on something that could be called a The Dig Trip, hence the fanart. :)
This one's Lodgen Brink. He was by far my favourite crackpot.

Low and Meggie. Main character and... snarky love interest.
I seriously had no idea she was so snary! XD

Brink again. Looking creepy.

Boston Low, inspecting... a wall.

This should be all for now.
Oh yeah, The Dig. ;_;
I wanna draw a fan-comic. XD

Yours, Kath