Freitag, 30. Januar 2009

~I'll find a way to be with my lover upon Christmas Day~

(The Stowaway - Dr Who OST if you wonder about the title.)

Right! Next!!

It's supposed to be John from SGA. When I learnt that they were going to cancle it I had the idea to draw a picture featuring everyone of the cast. But you know me and you know I just can't draw chubby men so. MEH.
It doesn't look like John. ;o;

John again. Supposedly, again. He looks too young and well, not at all like Joe does.

Teyla. Maybe. >_>

Some girl. With a stick. Gods, ain't I innovative? v_v

I made myself some tea. It's reviving and stuff. And HOT! It's so cold outside. ;_; If it would snow I wouldn't mind to much. XD

Enough of this! Have a lovely evening, ladies and gentlemen! :)


  1. It looks like John! I immediately recognized him! *_* Aw, I should.... watch it to the end. And I should draw fanart... I really like the second sketch and I'm still so happy that you got a sketchblog <3

  2. ;_; Aw, hast ihn erkannt!!! *freut sich* \O/

    Yes, draw fanart! I'd love to see some SGA-fanart in your style!! Ab wann haste denn SGA nimmer geschaut? Da kannst ja nen richtigen SGA-Abend abhalten...

    [quote]I really like the second sketch and I'm still so happy that you got a sketchblog <3

    ;____; *knuddel* *lost for words* Eeeh. <3

  3. WTF the wanna cancel it D:

    ok ich hab gehört, die wollen eben nen kinofilm machen und dafür lassen sie es dann wohl nach der 5.staffel gut sein..

    man erkennt john total gut T__T und teyla sieht schön angepisst aus XD! mehr *_*

  4. \o/ Iru!

    Ja, der Kinofilm soll irgendwann in diesem Jahr anlaufen. Und ich hoffe, der hat viel Todd und John. XD
    Ja, Teyla... wahrscheinlich redet sie grad mit Michael. xDD

    Dann muss ich dich wohl uch watchen. Nennt man das hier auch so? XD