Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2009


It's time for some sketches!

It's fanart for Lucasarts' adventure game "The Dig".
I am currently on something that could be called a The Dig Trip, hence the fanart. :)
This one's Lodgen Brink. He was by far my favourite crackpot.

Low and Meggie. Main character and... snarky love interest.
I seriously had no idea she was so snary! XD

Brink again. Looking creepy.

Boston Low, inspecting... a wall.

This should be all for now.
Oh yeah, The Dig. ;_;
I wanna draw a fan-comic. XD

Yours, Kath


  1. You haaave a blogspot?! Haha I like Low, but I never heard of this game...

  2. I have. But I never used it. On and off, really. XD

    It's an old adventure by Lucasarts and was about these three peeps whose mission it was to throw an asteroid off its collision course with earth. They succeeded but all to soon it became clear that the asteroid was not really a rock but rather a spaceship. The three were transported to a faraway planet, a small island, really. And they try to find a way home.
    The riddles were pretty difficult but back then I was rather small so... you know. XD
    The game had a great atmosphere. Rather creepy and unsettling but really really cool.

    It's pretty textbook but pretty awesome. The idea was by Steven Spielberg. And he used to make good films, after all. ;)

    Damn, I really want to try a fancomic on this one...
    (You can "watch" the whole playthrough of the game on youtube. Though I'd say get the game from somewhere. XD)

    [ich hab bei deinem blog ein herzchen neben meinem namen! ;_; d'awww. danke schön! ;o; *glomp*]