Sonntag, 22. Juli 2012

A small update

Reading Tales of the Magatama #1 right now so have some sketches. Also, have some original characters.

Montag, 16. Juli 2012

Misericordia - Panels

Felt like drawing some panels. References were photos I had taken. I should have used a ruler.

Drawing yawning people makes you yawn, too. Or maybe I'm just tired and should sleep.

Sonntag, 8. Juli 2012

Waddle waddle

Original characters and chubby geese. ;w; ( Or is it chubby geese and original characters? You decide!)

Samstag, 7. Juli 2012

Fox Sister - Fanart

Cho Yun Hee from the webcomic Fox Sister by Jayd Aït-Kaci and Christina Strain.

I read a lot of webcomics but this is probably my favourite. You can read it here.

Water colours and ink brush.