Montag, 30. Mai 2011


Ugh, overdid it. And the perspective is... all over the place.
Still, it was fun.
And the coloured version. I need other paper... this one's too thin. >_<
Old man. He's cool and all. I gave him a beard because I haven't had any characters with beards yet. Also, I typed "bears" instead of "beard". Well, I haven't had any characters with bears, either, but I won't include bears in this story.
It's not that kind of story.

Hm, yeah.
Watching X-Files - Redux (1+2). Does things to you, I tells ya. T_T

Original characters. Gemma and Caspar.

Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2011

Oh, walk it off, Princess!

Yeah, listened to Sunbears! and had this picture in mind. It's Gemma, btw.
Yay, fanart for Chris's Retribution Falls! \o/ Casey wanted some Silos so I drew some. This one's missing Pinn and more shockingly, Crake. Whut...

I really like this guy. And his lil' Elder God buddy Yoggy.
I can be pathetic like that, I know that.
But gah, Sam and Max season 3 was my favourite yet and a great part of that is owed to these two wimps here. Though arguably, Papierwaite is the wimpier of the two.

Yog-Soggoth: "Papierwaite and I will help you."
Papierwaite: "We will?!!"
Yog-Soggoth: "Oh, man up, Papierwaite!"
(Quote from Sam and Max, The City That Dares Not Sleep)

Posted all over the internet already and I figured that I should post it here as well.


Dienstag, 17. Mai 2011


Dammit, he looks too young. (Last drew them yeeeeears ago so that might be a good excuse... right? Riiight? ;___;)

Water colour exercise. Humm...
Old characters of mine. Will rethink that blue skin, yes. :|

Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2011

Sign of Life

I am actually kinda proud of how the colouring turned out. Windsor & Newton - best colours evar! Sophia, btw... not gifted with magic. She has other ways to kick ass, though.

Poor Gemma...
No idea. Couldn't be arsed to add a background. 8(
I am not dead. Here is proof. Stuff I painted. Yesterday was one of those highly creative ones. With semi-creative poses and scenes. T_T I am so random, even I know that!

The last picture was painted on the flight from London to Frankfurt. I used my water that I had ordered. And when the flight attendant came back to pick up the leftovers, she saw me sitting there, painting this, with a plastic glass full of water and said: "Don't rush it. You still have time to drink up." I didn't know what to reply to that. 8D
I didn't drink it, though.