Montag, 30. Mai 2011


Ugh, overdid it. And the perspective is... all over the place.
Still, it was fun.
And the coloured version. I need other paper... this one's too thin. >_<
Old man. He's cool and all. I gave him a beard because I haven't had any characters with beards yet. Also, I typed "bears" instead of "beard". Well, I haven't had any characters with bears, either, but I won't include bears in this story.
It's not that kind of story.

Hm, yeah.
Watching X-Files - Redux (1+2). Does things to you, I tells ya. T_T

Original characters. Gemma and Caspar.

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  1. a man with a beard? cause you had none? you also should have a swedish guy with a mustache!! ♥