Samstag, 28. Februar 2009

The cake is a lie!

Happy birthday, Chris.

In Malice, his latest book, you can enter a comic-world by performing a ritual with six ingredients: a black feather, a twig, cat fur, a tear, hair and fire. While burning it you have to say "Tall Jake, take me away!" before the fire goes out.
Then he takes you to Malice... :E (Where you die immediately if you're unlucky.)

These past few days I've been thinking about what to draw. I had decided not to make another "cake"-picture as it's pretty lame but ultimately, the awesomeness of cake got the better of me.

Cheers, Chris! :3

Donnerstag, 26. Februar 2009


Fanart zu Malice, dem neuesten Buch von Super-Chris.
Seth, Kady und Justin. Mal gespannt, ob sie überleben... huhuhu.

Ich weiß, er sieht müd aus. Ist er wohl auch... ich bin´s jedenfalls definitiv.

Da konnte ich nicht widerstehen... Der Witz ist dermaßen alt...
Gott, erinnert mich an Grandia. XDDD

Dienstag, 24. Februar 2009

Can't help it...

My sister only said: "Wrecking people today, are we?"

Yes. As a matter of fact.
I only wanted to know whether I could draw poses like that.
They survive. Though don't ask me what's choking Isaak in picture 2. I don't know. That's for sure.

I still have to decided what this story will be about.

Right now, it looks like it's going to be... about treasure hunters. Of some kind.

Off topic: There are so many weird peeps on the streets today!! I am scared.
I only got outside to buy a Krapfen. From my local Krapfendealer.

I remember the time when I called them "Berliner". Those were the times...
But no matter what, I'll never say "Semmel". For me it'll always be "Brötchen". Because it's a small bread. It's a Brötchen.

Too much sugar on my Krapfen --> too giddy.

Montag, 23. Februar 2009



This morning, when I got out at Marienplatz underground station I was a bit weirded out by all these people dressed as... pirates, cowboys or people with lots of face paint.
That's when it hit me that it was... this time of year again. XD Or rather, I knew it was but I hadn't thought that far ahead.


Just a doodle with aquarell.

Off to the Hugendubel. I need something to read...

Sonntag, 22. Februar 2009

I need to get rid of those legs.

So I should be doing something for uni.

Or clean up my room.

Or clean up the kitchen.

What did I do?
None of the above...

*shoots at self*

Tis be Isaak Ferrars from a story about, erm, a treasure hunt of some kind. I am still working on the details. There isn't much to tell you right now other than it's about Mayan stuff. The characters aren't fully worked out either. I couldn't even tell you what Isaak does for a living. But right now I wanted to make him fight for his life. Am I mean or what?

And yes, don't fret. I will get rid of those legs and of the perspective-errors.

Montag, 16. Februar 2009


Say hello to Vampire Chick.

If I had more free time on ma hands, I'd draw and post more... och.
Don't mind her body anatomy. It's wrong, is what it is...

And the tag "sketches" is a lie. As it's only one sketch. Oh whatevers.

Dienstag, 10. Februar 2009

Midnight Post

Coloured with aquarell and touched up with copics afterwards.
There are of course some slight errors hidden in plain sight.
The light falls in in different angles and normally it doesn't do that.
Falimus' head is too big. Ailia's pose is crooked and wouldn't make sense if this weren't fantasy.

Midnight, though. So Kath--> bed!

Good night~ :3

Sonntag, 8. Februar 2009

des croquis

Semester Holidays! ;__; <3 (LOVE 2:30-ish. O damn.)

Avant la Chute is also brilliant.
The pieces are rather simple once you've worked it out but it's so much fun playing them!
Peeps tell me I should purchase some sort of pseudo-piano, a keyboard, so that I can also indulge in making music when in Munich but really now... keyboards... they are no match for a piano. D:| The sound's rubbish, it doesn't matter how good they are. They cannot replace a piano.
At least, the Kleines Spiel has a piano but I dunno what the neighbours might say if some creepy woman appears now and again to play some mildly disturbing music pieces (you know... Dancing Mad from Final Fantasy VI or the Battle Medley from FFIV. Not many like them. :'[ )

/end of bla-bla

/start pic-pics

No idea. Just wanted to draw some... girls. >_>

Bought a small sketch pad. And new Bleistiftminen.

Yeah... no idea.

Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2009

Belated B-Day Picture

Wie angedroht: Casey, dat ist für dich.
Ich hoffe, du magst es. Computerkolo... *seufz* nächstes Mal nehm ich doch wieder Aquarell. XD


Dienstag, 3. Februar 2009


Those makros... cannot stop using them. |:[


Casey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your b-day picture is in progress but today was a busy day and exhausting so... lame excuse is lame. You will get your picture this week, promise!! ;_;

Have some doodles.


Shyrah, looking "bewildered" or rather "mildly disgusted"? No idea, she's the frowny type! (Frowny? Is that even a word? Too tired to care.)

Alex's head looks smashed. °3°~ Evil peeps would now say "no real loss, there's hardly anything to damage there." >_>

Had a presentation today, did a-okay but: I got to bed at about one in the morning, slept till four, got up and finished the handout for the presentation, reading through some books again and overall sleeping for only ~3 hours.
Kath --> zombie mode!

And: underground and tram-strike in Munich = major pain in the ass! D: Had to walk to uni which turned out not as bad as anticipated. The sun was shining but I was already knackered to begin with and walking great distances didn't really help in making me feel any more energised.

That is why: Kath --> bed! \o/ I win.

Sonntag, 1. Februar 2009

I haven't forgotten about them. Honestly!

My original characters. I seem to be rather inspired lately. Or rather, yesterday. T'was really creepy. I kept on drawing and have depleted my Bleistiftminen completely. Wtf, indeed.

Hang on.
Sarina. I think it's the bit in the ice cave... at least, that's where everything collapses. And there's a great deal of hanging around.

Alexander shoving Sarina out of the way. That bit is just before someone on this picture gets horribly injured. *cough*

Ailia, about to kick ass.

The only couple in the whole story. And sadly, the only real peeps with personality. No wait, that's not true. Actually, everyone has a personality apart from poor Shyrah (who, it must be said, isn't amongst these sketches... Now I feel bad.)

Sarina, taking cover from an explosion. It's actually connected to the second sketch...

Falimus, Ailia and Sarina. Don't ask me what he's doing there. |:<>

I should be learning. Heh, some thing never change.