Sonntag, 8. Februar 2009

des croquis

Semester Holidays! ;__; <3 (LOVE 2:30-ish. O damn.)

Avant la Chute is also brilliant.
The pieces are rather simple once you've worked it out but it's so much fun playing them!
Peeps tell me I should purchase some sort of pseudo-piano, a keyboard, so that I can also indulge in making music when in Munich but really now... keyboards... they are no match for a piano. D:| The sound's rubbish, it doesn't matter how good they are. They cannot replace a piano.
At least, the Kleines Spiel has a piano but I dunno what the neighbours might say if some creepy woman appears now and again to play some mildly disturbing music pieces (you know... Dancing Mad from Final Fantasy VI or the Battle Medley from FFIV. Not many like them. :'[ )

/end of bla-bla

/start pic-pics

No idea. Just wanted to draw some... girls. >_>

Bought a small sketch pad. And new Bleistiftminen.

Yeah... no idea.

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