Dienstag, 3. Februar 2009


Those makros... cannot stop using them. |:[


Casey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your b-day picture is in progress but today was a busy day and exhausting so... lame excuse is lame. You will get your picture this week, promise!! ;_;

Have some doodles.


Shyrah, looking "bewildered" or rather "mildly disgusted"? No idea, she's the frowny type! (Frowny? Is that even a word? Too tired to care.)

Alex's head looks smashed. °3°~ Evil peeps would now say "no real loss, there's hardly anything to damage there." >_>

Had a presentation today, did a-okay but: I got to bed at about one in the morning, slept till four, got up and finished the handout for the presentation, reading through some books again and overall sleeping for only ~3 hours.
Kath --> zombie mode!

And: underground and tram-strike in Munich = major pain in the ass! D: Had to walk to uni which turned out not as bad as anticipated. The sun was shining but I was already knackered to begin with and walking great distances didn't really help in making me feel any more energised.

That is why: Kath --> bed! \o/ I win.

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