Samstag, 24. April 2010

Kate Beckett

It's been a pain in the ass to ink this. Somehow the paper soaked it up immediately, got rough and I kept dragging tiny amounts of paper-stuff around. Which made the lines broader and less nice. It was a reaaaaaal pain, yeah.

Det. Kate Beckett of ABC's show "Castle".

Freitag, 23. April 2010


First that tanker and now this. I hate this shit so much...
No sketches. Don't feel like it anyway.

Dienstag, 13. April 2010


Jack West in the Mines. His hair is ruffled because saving the world is a messy job. Also, there's blood in it. Gawd, I should go to bed and sleep...
What can I say...? I am just not too sure about how Jack looks. And honestly, I quite like it this way. Obscure and all.
Zoe Kissane. Looking distressed.
Scene from Six Sacred Stones. I really liked this bit. Where she kicked some serious ass, yeah.


Retribution Falls fanart, a novel by Chris Wooding.

Lang nimmer was gepostet...

Jannekes neues Design. Und ich schreib ihren Namen von Post zu Post anders. Sollte mich langsam mal für eine Schreibweise entscheiden... Sie hat nun schiefe Augen. Brauchte mehr Abwechslung beim Design. 8D

Will be edited when I draw more sketches.