Sonntag, 9. Februar 2014


Misericordia - Weihnachtsmarkt by Maliris-San on deviantART

Vosslerrrrr by Maliris-San on deviantART
Sleepy Hollow by Maliris-San on deviantART
Misericordia - Gemma Kelsey by Maliris-San on deviantART
Commission - Penchaft by Maliris-San on deviantART

It has been quite a long while since I last updated this blog. I had been more active on my sketch-tumblr though that is losing more and more of its appeal. I figured, I should put something up here again.

These are from the last months. I was very busy with my final Magister thesis and exams so I did not really have a lot of free time for drawing. And now life continues to be too busy so no idea when I will be able to settle down and draw anything bigger than small pictures...

Have a nice Sunday.

Sonntag, 5. Mai 2013

Accumulated Art

Leon Kennedy from RE6. 

 Watched Lawrence of Arabia a while back. Gosh darn, that gorgeous film. 

 Supposed to be Claudia from Warehouse 13.

Trying stuff with photoshop animation. That was fun. It also hurt my back and eyes but I think it was worth it. At least a bit. I know it is pretty inconsistent but right now I'm just glad that it moves.

Montag, 18. März 2013

Game Fanart

 Vossler. T__T

 This was my part of a collab with Casey. You can see the coloured version HERE!!! *_*
Final Fantasy XII is great.
Sam and Max is also great.