Sonntag, 5. Juli 2009


Too much SGA. No specific scene; it's just one of those catch phrases of SGA. "Can you fix it?"
It's Rodney... though you couldn't tell for it looks nothing like him.
Erm, pseudo-John. Pier-scene in The Shrine. Doesn't look like him... oh fuck it.
The Shrine.
My favourite scene. T_T
Rodney is gradually forgetting who he is and will ultimately die if a cure cannot be found.
After a nightmare he so scared that John takes him out to drink some beer on the pier and this is where Rodney wants to say goodbye while he still remembers who he is but John refuses to say goodbye just yet.
And Rodney says: "You're a good friend, Arthur."after which both crack up laughing.

I so much loooove that scene. (And don't mind the horrible anatomy. It's wrong.)

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