Samstag, 11. Juli 2009


EDIT: Uncharted fanart- because I felt like it.
Not too happy with that Drake-thing. He's difficult to draw. Must be the hair... |:<

The books about Mayan culture do help a lot to come up with a weird little archaeology story set in Yucatan. Still a lot to work on but it's getting somewhere.

The first story I had to do research for and I love it! \o/

... but I guess I still need to read the Popol Wuj.Of course, just ignore the background. It's not like the Mayas ever had that kind of architecture. ;) Just felt like drawing that stuff.

Still, watching documentaries on Aztecs culture on youtube makes my brains hurt: the comments are all so stupid! Example: "Whut! They sacrificed their own people to their gods!? Good thing the Spaniards killed them all!! Those bloodthirsty bastards!!!1111"
Seriously, do us a favour and remove yourself from the gene pool!


  1. *__* herrlich XD!! ich warte noch auf richtig fettes farbiges uncharted artwork von dir <3! du malst die beiden so toll T_T und das maya inspirierte bildchen gefällt mir auch total gut .-.! du kannst so toll mit den farben umgehen TAT

  2. Aw. T_T Danke.

    Ich wollt eigentlich schon längst eines zeichnen aber irgendwie wollt´s nicht klappen.

    Heh, findest du? Ich bin nicht so happy mit der Kolorierung im letzten Bild. :/ Jedenfalls hatte ich´s mir anders vorgestellt...