Sonntag, 23. Mai 2010

Desert as far as the Eye can see

And something else. This one's older. I put some salt on the wet surfaces and it makes these nice patterns. :3
The female lead character. She also wears more clothes but I felt like drawing your average Arabian clothes. I had fun.

Introduction: I saw Prince of Persia and liked the way the film looked. The script was meh and the characters were... let's not go there. But the setting was awesome! So I thought about these kind of settings and dug up some old characters and ideas.

Then I wanted to paint with water colours and then I was not sure where that would go so I started to mess around a bit. Added some coloured inks to the clothes -> hands are green, red and purple now.

And the LittleBigPlanet OST is awesome background for drawing, cleaning up and writing.

It'll have djinns, sand and scimitars! 8D

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