Donnerstag, 5. März 2009

Just before I run off, have a sketch.

Been trying to draw Nate from "Uncharted"... erm, emphasis on "trying", please... that hair... I need to get that hair right.

My back is hurting like hell. Which isn't surprising as me and a bunch of other nice weirdos have been rehersing our next puppet-theatre-play. The premiere (not really a premiere... that play is already rather olde.) is tonight, 20:00, so make sure you arrive early. We normally let people inside at 19:45, unless it's raining.

If you just happen to be in Munich on Thursdays, you know where you should go!!!

Kleines Spiel ( Neureutherstraße, Ecke Arcisstraße U2 Josephsplatz or Tram 27 Schellingstraße.

It's funny! And you don't have to pay!! (A small donation is very much loved, though.)

Okay. I have to run.

See ya!!

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