Mittwoch, 2. März 2011

Finally got 'round to scanning...

The cast of my Snowbound-story. Poor Isaac...
Haunting of Alaizabel Cray-fanart. Shut up, I still love this book very much! Maybe I'll ink this sometime...
Friend of mine visited me two weeks ago. While she was checking her email I drew her. Höhöhö.
Sketchbook-page: Penguins and random heads. My favourite themes!
Those are actually... notes I took during a lecture at university. I suck at taking notes! 8D
More "notes".
Some random sketches of that other story I'm working on right now. Decided to add some lol-worthy stuff, hence that thing in the left corner. It's a photo, taken during happier times. *sad face*
Gemma. With her kris-dagger. These things are teh awesomness. I want one...
I need to visualize what Gemma's apartment looks like. I want to live there...
More Prince of Persia-fanart. And as you can probably tell: I shy away from those ornaments on her clothes! *iSuck*

Yikes. That was a lot of pointless stuff.


  1. bloody hell xD!
    herrje ich weis gar nich was ich alles sagen kann, was das wort awesome noch toppt XD! ich mag deine skizzen total gerne ;_; und die face expressions sind immer wieder super <3!!skzze 005 und 006 mag ich grad am meisten <3<3

  2. I used a image on my personal blog
    that's okay with you?

    1. Hey there! Wah, sorry, I hadn't seen your comment. o_O

      That is totally okay with me (you gave credit so all is cool! And I'm flattered you chose one of my fanarts.)

      Cheers! :)