Freitag, 3. April 2009

No sketches

Just text. (Wait! Don't go!)

I got curious again and had a look at the Comics in Leipzig-Forum, especially the competition-threads. Apparently, this year's connichi-manga-competition has already been launched a few weeks ago.
It's about fairy tales. And while I really like the idea of writing a story that feels like a fairy tale I am not too thrilled about taking some fairy tale and rewriting it. I have nothing against fantasy and stuff like that (actually, I love that genre a lot) but rewriting these stories has already been done to death. And I don't feel like I could come up with something that doesn't reek of "major plot twist at the end!!!11" (the prince is the dragon!).

Luckily, there's a third category.
Now one can draw an original story, eight to thirty-two pages long. 32!
That's quite a bunch of pages and leaves enough room to tell a short story.
Deadline is 15.07.09.

I might be just in time for this. (Ha, ha.)


  1. what the... just text?! This is the last time you see me here!
    *just kidding* >w<

    wooow du machst beim doujinshi wb mit? cooool! ich mach vielleicht bei der einzelbild-kategorie mit... mal schauen...

  2. Heh, ja. Ich arbeite grad an ner Story. :)
    Möchte diesmal endlich auch was einreichen! :<