Dienstag, 21. April 2009

Doodledoodleblah! D:


Will hear the result of that dreadful paper tomorrow. I don't want to hear it! No, let me live in blissful denial! Please!! It was so dreadful! It deserves a capital d! Dreadful Paper! Yes, that's about right.

It's that kind of sinking feeling in your stomach when the teacher hands out your maths class test to you with a sad, slow shake of his head.
And truth be told... if I were to redo that pile of dreadful dreadfulness... I don't know whether I would do it.
The subject was nice but there wasn't much to use for that horrible craptastic excuse for a paper.

And that I kind of suck at this in the first place does not help! Or that the prof didn't really know what to tell us we should do. I don't expect to have her look over my shoulder all the time but some tiny infos as to how to write something like that would have been nice and appreciated. The stuff she ultimately told me didn't help to come up with a decent idea.

You know you should put something out of its misery when the only thing you're thinking while writing is "This is shit. This is shit. This is complete shit."

I feel better now. Thank you. I'll just get it over with and brace myself for the inevitable "this didn't work out at all."

At least other stuff is going fine.

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