Dienstag, 7. April 2009

I remember most of them

Cheers, everyone!

This one over there is one Dante. He's a fire elemental, though you wouldn't know as it's black and white. Normally, he has shoulders. Just... so you know.

He's a nice guy. A bit hysterical sometimes but a good fighter. Given that this story is quite olde and given that I had always loved the idea of every character fighting with a unique weapon, he uses katanas. Gosh, that's so... so...
nah, let's not go there. It's a colourful fantasy about the four elements, souls and zombies. (Zombies because they should be in every story! Even in love stories about weddings and strawberry pie.)

It's also about Adrian who sort of tags along because someone made his shop with antiques... go away. In a giant explosion.

Maybe he gets his money back at the end of the story.

Okay... erm.
I'll be leaving for home in a few hours and still have to pack.
Clothes, toothbrush, books, Uncharted and my sketch pad. That'll do.

See you all!
Saarland, here I come~<3

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  1. Hello,
    I'm ChinTV, come from Taiwan~

    May I ask your personal photo was out of
    a game -- "The Legend of Mana"?

    It's really cute ~ ^^
    and nice to meet you, too.