Dienstag, 6. Oktober 2009

Not dead!

And to prove it, have some pictures!

EDIT: Now with two more pictures.
Ich denke mal, es ist Ashe...
HEI! \o/ Character of Darker Than Black, an anime that I'm watching right now. The head's deformed, too. I wonder whether the laptop makes everything look... deformed. Had that impression for quite a while. Or: I need glasses. Which'd rock. I always wanted some.

Lighting practice. Kinda like it, even though the head's slightly deformed. Poor guy.
Nothing extraordinary. But it's been a rather busy few weeks with no internet for a while and other stuff... so I am kinda burned out. And I'm right now on war path with my drawing skills.

And then I decided to SOD IT ALL and change the whole story line- now it has a twist. That some will see coming. But I don't care. Right now I am looking for a way to start liking that story again and that means destroying all the horribly stupid passages and most importantly, the cliches. (They are still there but! then suddenly they'll be TEH GONE. So yeah...)

Apart from that, I am putting my characters through hell. Happy ending my ass!

Cheers, folks.