Freitag, 16. Oktober 2009

I'm smitten.

Moar Nate. I know that it looks ... boring. Apart from that I still cannot colour with photosob. But given that I can hardly think of anything else right now... I had to draw a Nate.

Blogger is bein' a SOB so I cannot upload the second picture I drew. It's again Nathan Drake. Only this time, it's a duck. Because a "drake" is also a duck, you see... Puzzled that no one has done this yet. Or I didn't find it yet. Anyway.

Aw damn... that keeps getting better and better. T_T
The story takes place in more than just one island-location so it has a faster feel to it. Apart from which: There are more cutscenes!
Overall the second part really beats the first one in graphics and possibly also story-wise. The swamp in Borneo was so... swampy!!! D:

And: Cute dialogues. I'm in love!

Such an amazing movie. ;)


  1. D:! ich kaufs morgen T_____T! dann wirds wohl auch nate picspam geben hoffe!
    bitte moaar von!! aber ja photoshop ist anfangs immer n graus...aber einmal richtige brushes gefunden gehts eigentlich xD! aber du bist eh so toll in traditional media ;__;

  2. Jaaaa, kaufs morgen!!! Mehr Natepicspam!!! Plz!!!

    Och, danke. ._. Ich habe meine traditional media nur sträflichst vernachlässigt in den vergangenen Wochen und Monaten! D: Ich muss mal wieder ran. v_v