Sonntag, 3. Juni 2012

Prince of Persia - This will never happen!

Anyway, sometimes my mind wanders and I come up with stupid, sappy sequel-ideas. Pointless, but entertaning! I picture the reunion between Elika and the Prince rather awkwaaaaaard. And Elika has found new friends and comrades who help her fight the Darkness and Ahriman. Who is still loose! And the Prince found out where Ormazd is imprisoned! DUN DUN DUN!
And the Prince calls Elika's friends "The Gang" because he cannot remember the names and they don't trust him and then it is revealed what he did and Elika must save his ass. Again. And ...

Sigh. A sequel would be nice. .____. With more characters, more places where they can run around and fight and do acrobatic awesome moves! And awesome music and dramatic showdowns and sappy moments.

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