Freitag, 9. März 2012

Bitingly sarcastic

Tales of the Ketty Jay - The Iron Jackal fanart.

Frey and Crake. Where's Ugrik?!
I want to colour this with watercolours later. Gonna be challenging because of the lighting - red flares and stuff. It's gonna be interesting.
Drew this from memory so all the tech-equipment is WAY off. Will redo these bits, of course (also Frey's face. What happened to that? And his left shoulder! Good golly ... Now that I look at it Crake's arm is also too big. I'm beginning to think I was completely drunk when I drew this! So, luckily I can still erase all those mistakes. *sobs*).
I always wanted to draw some of the daemonism-stuff but was always unsure what all that equipment was supposed to look like. But now I figured what the hell. Just do it, damn it! (Just my excuse to draw more Crake.)

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