Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2011

Iron Jackal

Tales of the Ketty-Jay, Iron Jackal-Fanart.
I finished it this Friday and have been merrily drawing the kick-arse crew ever since. Was that a waste of time? I don't know! XDDDD It was a lot of fun. And slightly appalling how inaccurate some of my memories are. Malvery is bald except for some hair round his ears. Totally forgot that... *fail*

Reading it was so much fun. ;_; And there is going to be a fourth, too, so that is all kinds of awesome.

Er, read the books, please? I have no idea if anyone's even ever heard of them but you are missing out on something really cool. (There is bromance!! I mean, bromance!!!!)

I drew a comic page as well but that's... some huge spoiler so... yeah. Cannot really show that one. XD

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