Freitag, 5. Februar 2010

A Pile of Book-Fanart

I am not awfully originally these days, I know. But truth be told I am kinda into The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray again. And I don't even know why...
But just smelling the pages takes me back to 2003 when I first read that book. My first English book, too. And I fell in love with it.
It's flawed but I love it.

Ezrael Carver. Detective with the Cheapside Police. Cheap!side... no wonder they cannot catch Stitchface. D|
He's awfully tidy and neat all the time so I was kinda cheering when he's getting beaten up at the end of the book. Does that make sense? I DON'T KNOW! :D

A tiny Thaniel, too.

Other than that...
I found two people on devArt who do cosplays and I almost giggled with delight when I saw that they had cosplayed Emily Laing and Tristan Marlowe from Marzi's L-trilogy (I call it L³ but then no one knows what I'm talking about. Apart from Julia, but she's not here. ;_;)
And today I had some sort of epiphany. I know that Maurice Micklewhite is Michael Cain's real name and I have always pictured Book!Micklewhite as Young!Cain and was sad because if that ever got made into a film they wouldn't be able to cast Cain because he's already too old for that part. Today though I kept thinking about how his face reminds me of someone and I realized that Simon Baker (The Mentalist) looks very much like Young!Cain and I was... happy.
And thus, for the first time ever, I drew Maurice Micklewhite and it was a lot of fun. Because his head is square-ish. Most of the characters I draw are somewhat triangular-shaped so this was a nice change.
Also, there's Emily and Tristan. No Wittgenstein, though. Anna came into my room while I drew these and asked where "Witti" was. I haven't heard that "Witti" for SO long. The last fanart I drew for this series was back in... 2006? A LONG TIME AGO! D:
It felt nice to draw them again.
The page is... a mess, I know. Random scene from the book, btw. And random characters.
Maurice Micklewhite! \o/ He's all about rainbows and chocolate!!!

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